Here is a sampling of what our customers think of our service. We take pride in our treatment of customers and our relationships continue long after the installation for support and guidance.

I have used a wood burning stove for over 40 years.  In fact I had twice the fun of most, as I have two stoves burning most winters at the same time. However each year got more and more difficult as my wife’s concerns of dust and debris grew louder and louder. Then complaints such as the only time I am warm is when I am next to the stove. Cries of “Can we do something else?” got harder to ignore.  Heatmaster to the rescue! Burning wood outside was indeed the answer. My wife has never been more comfortable, more satisfied than with our new heating system. I have to admit with this stove I don’t have to “babysit as much” or continually make damper adjustments.  My new motto: “Fill it and let the stove work for me” tells the whole story. I don’t want to forget the local Heatmaster people from Highland Stoves.  They are true professionals in what they do, however their best quality is not how well they know their products but in the fact their word means everything.  So if your desire is to heat your home with an outdoor unit I would definitely get in touch with the fine people from Highland Stoves. You won’t be sorry.



Chuck Reese – Richmond ,Va

Three years on the G200 with no equipment faults. Highland Outdoor Stoves exceeded my install expectations and continuing support can always be relied on.

Dan Dial – Augusta County, VA

A few years ago, I was looking for an outdoor stove.  A customer of mine told me about Heat Master and Highland Outdoor Stoves.  I met with Steve Good, who did a turnkey job.  I bought a C375 at my house, which heats my house, my wife’s Greenhouse, and our Spacious garage.  Since then I have purchased two additional stoves on different farms and each is still working amazingly.

John Monger,  Mount Crawford, Va